Creepy Technology

My husband tells me technology is a good thing. An important thing. Something we need to move forward with. Personally, I think technology is a questionable thing on many levels and a creepy thing on some.

For example, I play one game on my cellphone, Words With Friends. I have lots of friends and I play about 20 to 30 games in a day. In between each game is a short ad because I’m too cheap, I mean frugal, to pay for the ad-free version. I kid you not, I can be thinking I need a new pair of leggings and (Voila!) an ad for leggings will show up on one of the ads. I can think about a book I want and there it will be, ad fodder just for me. A coincidence? I think not. Sweaters, puzzles, cat toys, dog treats, all have shown up on the ads between my games. Who cares if I’ve looked up those things on the Amazon app on my phone. That has nothing to do with it. You know what I think? I think I’m being spied on. You know why?



Alexa lives in our house. I think of her as Cliff’s weirdo girlfriend. Unlike his wife, the man is in love with technology. Also unlike his wife, Alexa does everything he asks without complaining. We have “smart” TV’s, “smart” phones, “smart” lights, we even have “smart” plugs. So when he asks Alexa to turn on lights, he can tell her exactly which light and she turns it on saying, “My pleasure.” It’s like having a canned Chick-Fil-A person living behind the picture frame on the table. Cliff thinks she’s wonderful. I think she’s creepy. Don’t tell him but sometimes I unplug her accidentally on purpose. On a side note, the wife of a young couple in our church is named, Alexa. How comical would it be if they owned this creepy gadget?

Finally, and again attached to my cell phone, I have been receiving calls from a stalker. He must have lots of money to travel because he calls from all over the country. He calls at all hours. He calls when we’re eating and when we’re watching television. He calls when we’re out for a walk and working around the house. He delights in waiting until I’m in the bathroom to call. Thinking it could be important, I run out of the bathroom to answer the phone and then I see his name. He always leaves his name. “Scam Likely.”

I ask you, what kind of a stalker leaves his name? Maybe he’s just not very bright or maybe he’s very bored, or maybe he’s had a difficult childhood. Clearly his parents didn’t love him or they would have given him a better name. Lately I’ve been thinking that Scam and Alexa are in cohoots. We were never told Alexa’s last name. Maybe she is Alexa Likely. Either way, they’re both annoying. But, honestly, they’re really not that big a deal!

About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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1 Response to Creepy Technology

  1. swanstuff says:

    20 or 30 games… just think how much writing you do on that novel in that time…

    My Alexa is named Echo because my daughter’s name is Alex and it isn’t that picky. My wife hates it and won’t allow me to put on the bedroom (it has the only alarm that doesn’t make me jump through the roof). She tells me it’s lazy not to just flip the light switch, as she changes the volume on the TV with the remote.

    It’s probably sin, but I like making my life easier.


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