It’s the Week Before Christmas…

And all through our home…the boys, oh, the boys…how they run, how they roam!

Our family is unique in many ways. One of those ways is that both my husband and our son own UPS Stores. My husband’s is in the town we live in, our son’s is the next town over. Not only that, our oldest daughter, Rachel, is the manager of my husband’s store. Christmas, as you can imagine, is unbelievably busy. Everyone is working everyday. Eric pulls in Kylene, his wife, for a few days; our granddaughter, who blatantly expresses her hatred of work, goes in to earn some extra cash; and I am put on Nana duty.

I don’t mind Nana duty, it’s fun and it’s gotten much easier now that the boys are older. This week I only had Eric and Kylene’s two boys, Colby and Sawyer for two days. Of course, if Colby and Sawyer are here then Rachel and Thomas’ two boys, Caleb and Gavin, have got to be here, too. Four boys, lots of noise, lots of guns, lots of hide and seek, and me. I turn down my hearing aids and let them loose. The only room off limits is my bedrooom. Everything else is fair game. The only catch, they have to clean up after themselves. In years past, Nana duty was much different. In years past Nana duty went like this…

December 16, 2015 ~

~Day Two is now over.
‘Twas as easy as can be.
I’m enjoying my days of my four boys and me.
This day brought new fun and at least one surprise.
A giant, fun fort that lit up all their eyes.
But that was not all, no there’s more to be said.
Fat Cat found a lizard, it wasn’t quite dead.
I squirted the cat, which released the poor guy.
I put it outside, but it was missing one eye.
“Stella puked in our fort!” was another new phrase.
But that wasn’t the worst of Day Two’s fun time ways.
“My sock’s on the wrong foot!”
“I have to go pee! Quick Nana, come into the bathroom with me!”
The pee-pee dance was in full swing as I came to assist.
As I helped on my foot I could feel a few ‘drips’.
“I got some on my pants and my underpants, too.”
I had no heart to tell him it was also on my shoe.
And so ends Day Two, it was really a blast.
Just a fun, busy day and it won’t be the last!


Five years later, I still enjoy Nana duty because, after all, it’s really not that big a deal!

About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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