Days of Parents and Refrigerators

As a rule, I really enjoy Thursdays. Though our weeks tend to get busy with life, Thursdays are usually our day with my parents. A day when we get them out of the house for a little bit. It is usually a relaxing day because they don’t do anything fast. One of the perks of being with them is moving at their pace. It is a good thing. Sometimes the date is moved, but Thursday is usually their day. However, one Thursday last month we did not get together with my parents. One Thursday last month something else happened that day.

She was old. I did my best to keep her clean, but when things get that old, it’s that much more difficult. There are cracks, breaks, leaks and unidentifiable build-ups. Things that can’t be helped when you’re old, especially when you’re an old refrigerator. (I bet you thought I was talking about my Mom. Just so you know, she may creak a little, but Mom would never have unidentifiable build-ups.)

In her day, she was very pretty. A big, black, side-by-side. I don’t know what it’s called but her exterior was “bumpy.” Her ice machine always gave her trouble and then, finally, just froze up and died. She had survived a family of five, three of them being teens into young adulthood. The constant opening and closing, the opening and staring, the opening and slamming…light on, light off, light on again, while they try to make up their minds if they wanted something or not. After they got married and moved out, she survived the short-term return of the now-marrieds-with-children. After almost 20 years, she had done her time and, I could tell, she was looking forward to retirement. However, I am married to a man who was raised by parents that lived through the Great Depression. He was taught to fix rather than replace. Personally, this has worked in my favor. He’s fixed my feet, my teeth, and my jaw without the slightest hint of looking for a better model and, for that, I am grateful. But, when your refrigerator shelves are held together with wide-band clear tape; well, I think it’s time. Still, I held my tongue. My hope was for one of those shiny, french-door, bottom freezer models. Of course, I made sure Cliff knew that, just in case he found some great sale that he couldn’t pass up.

After 41 years, I know how the man works. I ask for something and then, if he declines, I ask him if I can manipulate him in any way. (I am an honest manipulator.) He tends to say, no, as in this case; but I feel like I at least made the effort. We’ve been doing a lot of house renovations and spending a lot of money and so, I did understand and tried my best not to complain. He, on the other hand, was sneaky. He came across a great deal at Home Depot, realized he had a coupon to add and bought it, all while I was sleeping. The next thing I knew, he was talking about how our Thursday plans would have to change. That happens so I thought nothing of it. A little while later he was on his laptop and showed me a big, beautiful, shiny, french door, bottom freezer, with all the bells and whistles and said with a smile, “It’s coming on Thursday”.

When it came we just stared, not because it was absolutely beautiful, which it was; but because having only owned one side-by-side or another for the past 30 or more years, we had no idea how to put things in it. Cliff had always lived with “condiments on the door”. I had no idea where things went and cared even less, so condiments went on the door. That didn’t look very plausible with this model. The freezer was also a bit of a conundrum. After a few minutes of complete confusion, we started to finally figure it all out, found a place for everything, and put everything in its place…even the old fridge.

Since we don’t just throw things away around here, the old fridge is living a quiet, cozy life of retirement in my parent’s garage. A life where she can rest and her doors are only occasionally opened and nobody really cares that her shelves are taped together. My parents understand all of that and realize that old age is really not that big a deal.

P.S. ~ In case you’re wondering, there are pictures. I can’t figure out how to show them to you because my site is not cooperating. It’s done that a lot lately…

I wish you all a Very Happy, Very Blessed Thanksgiving! In spite of everything that is bombarding us these days, there is always something to be thankful for…

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Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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  1. Debi Walter says:

    Tom says you should go back to sleep and see what else you get. 😂 The sleeping manipulator.

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