Let’s Play Games!

Last week while reading the post of one of my two fairy blog mothers to my husband, I noticed that she mentioned that she and her husband play games. Specifically, they were playing Pinochle. I know how to spell pinochle but, I have no idea how to play. The following conversation ensued…

Me: Hey, we should play games!

Cliff: What, like hide and seek?


He thinks he’s funny and, most of the time, he is! Remember Hide and Seek? I always liked most of Hide and Seek. We played all the time as kids. I was good at hiding because I was small enough to fit in weird places that nobody would think to look. Unfortunately, I usually gave myself away because I got scared they would find me.  Yup, I was that kid, the one that would get so scared I would either start to giggle out of sheer terror or tell them where I was. And let’s not forget Hide and Seek’s evil, dark brother…Manhunt. What could be more frightening than playing Hide and Seek outside in the dark where there are only so many bushes and trees to hide behind? In this game I was always found and when found the finder would always scare me half to death. I learned pretty quickly that the reason I was easily found in Manhunt and hardly found, unless I gave myself away, in Hide and Seek was because of my skin. This reason has been confirmed, many times throughout my life. I glow in the dark. So, when during Manhunt everyone would run and hide, I would run, too…inside my house. Nobody ever found me after that.

I’m not overly fond of card games, at least not the serious ones. Cliff knows not to suggest card games because, aside from solitaire, I’m really frustrating to play card games with. I’m not very good because I talk a lot, and I don’t pay attention enough to remember which cards have been played. Evidently, strategy is important in most card games and, as with most things in life, I have none. I’m also not very competitive…at ALL. This seems to annoy those I’ve played with, so to preserve their sanity, well, it goes like this…

There was a time, many moons ago, when our church would get together for something called, “Big Boss Tournaments”. The “Tournament” was a good percentage of the church adults getting together either at the church itself or someone’s house.  Card tables would be set up, and in groups of four people would sit and play to see who would be the “Big Boss Champion”.  We had never heard of this game before, but being new to the church and wanting to be a part, when we were invited we accepted. Quite by accident, or as a source of sanctification to those who ended up having to play against me, I made it to the finals! One of the poor much younger guys I was playing with who had been playing almost since birth and was himself a former Big Boss Champion, was having a very difficult time. He did his best to be kind, but finally confronted me with a forced smile and somewhat gritted teeth, he rubbed his forehead completely exasperated and said,
“I’m having a very difficult time trying to figure out your strategy, Roxanne”.
“That’s because I don’t have one, Jesse.”
‘I’ thought it was funny.
I decided at that point that it was my duty as a Christian woman not to cause my fellow church members to sin and so, I abstain. I feel it’s only right. 


As for board games, Scrabble is my favorite but nobody will play with me. I’ve been reading since I was 3, so I know lots of words and I can spell almost anything. I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact. In a pathetic move to get others to play with me, I’ve even offered to spell words for them. Pathetic, am I right?  I do have a few friends that will play with me, but they live far away and it’s not like you can play over the phone. Wait! Yes, you can! You can play over the phone! And I do! Words With Friends is exactly that words, with friends!!! Not really a competitive game, at least not for me, because I don’t care if I win. I just love finding  and playing the words! I play almost everyday, just because I can.  It’s wonderful! No fear of someone finding me, no competition or strategy on my part; nor am I, as far as I know, a source of someone’s frustration! It’s a win, win! And if I don’t win, it’s really not that big a deal! 

















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Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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5 Responses to Let’s Play Games!

  1. Debi Walter says:

    It’s finny, My post today is about playing games with your spouse to avoid cabin fever during this COVID-19 thing. And I have a version of Hide and Go Seek to play with your spouse. 😊
    Great post Roxanne.


  2. Well, we three bloggers are on the same track. I’m working on a post with a scrabble board, too. Sigh… Ain’t love grand between friends and bloggers? I would play scrabble with you but never pinochle. It would be stressful and maybe even strain our friendship. I still think Jesse scratches his head about those wonderful games of Big Boss.

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