Washington, D.C., My Hubby and Me

Washington, D.C., our nation’s capitol. It was carved from the states of Virginia and Maryland in 1790. Not part of any state, it is a federal district and a territory of its own. It covers 68 square miles and is home to half a million people and, evidently, almost all of them jog.


We were in D.C. for three full days. Three full days to see all of the sites that would satisfy my personal hobby for all things history, especially American history. Our days were perfectly planned ~ Day 1 – We would arrive at 8:30 a.m., take the Metro to our hotel, deposit our luggage, and be on our way to the Smithsonian. We didn’t rent a car because, well, we have good feet and even better legs. It was hot and humid, but we live in Florida, so no problem there.


We saw them that first day jogging past us dripping sweat, but we didn’t pay them much attention. They ran their way, we walked ours. We saw the never ending Museum of American History and the very elevated Air and Space Museum. We logged 16,886 steps, 8 miles, that day some of them in search of a Starbucks and even more of them in search of a bathroom, after all, I am almost 60. My husband at 65 has no such needs, but then he didn’t have three babies use his bladder as a pillow either. All was well.



Day 2 – This was the day I was most looking forward to! Ford’s Theater, the Petersen House, the White House, and all of the amazing monuments and memorials. It was to be a beautiful day, rain was to come through the night before cooling things down. Alas, the weather did not comply with the predictions. It was cooler, but rainy. We had my mother’s trusty Totes umbrella and huddled. We made it to Ford’s Theater, the Petersen House, and the White House and still we saw them. Some wore ponchos, some wore hats, some just braved the elements as if there weren’t any. These people are hard core, I thought. They even run in the rain. And then, I thought, maybe we should take up jogging. Hmm…We only logged 13,339 steps this day, 6.32 miles. We were water-logged and returned to our room to dry out. We had dinner with dear family that drove us to the Vietnam and Lincoln Memorials all lit up and absolutely beautiful, the Memorials, not the joggers, but they were there, too.


Day 3 ~ My always thoughtful, thinking husband decided that since we are such early risers, and the Monuments and Memorials are open 24/7, we could see them after breakfast! We ate at 6:00 a.m. Our last day was a Saturday and the joggers were out in force. There were times that we found ourselves in the midst of a veritable stampede. There were groups, and singles, families with strollers, old and young, thin and not-so-thin, all of them running. But, why and to where?



We were surrounded, at times, and it made me think again. “Thinking” is not necessarily a good thing for me sometimes and so I offered my “thought” to my husband. He is my balance in this life. “Do you think we should start jogging?” “What?!” And there was my answer. If you think about it, even if you jog, you’re still gonna die someday. And so I have decided…

I will not jog, while on vacay. I will not jog, I will not sway. I do not like to run you see. I do not like it, leave me be. I will not jog, in the rain. I will not jog, it causes pain. I will not jog, in the park. I will not jog, when it is dark. I will not jog, I’ve made that clear…unless there is a Starbucks near.

And there you have it. On our last day we logged 23,258 steps, 11.01 miles. We saw Monuments, Memorials, and the Library of Congress. We walked by the Capitol and the Supreme Court. My little history nerd heart was satisfied. My little size 6 feet were tired. My not-so-little ‘mountain man’ legs, on the other hand, were just fine. We logged a grand total of 53, 483 steps, 25.33 miles. I’m not sure how far the joggers logged, but I really don’t care, because after all, it’s really not that big a deal!


My favorite picture taken by my favorite person. He is a very big deal.

About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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1 Response to Washington, D.C., My Hubby and Me

  1. This is a wonderful picture. Having lived close to D.C. for my first two decades, I know it is wise to be able to run. For all its beauty and historical significance, it’s still a place filled with crazy people. Of course, I’m not sure if those crazy politicians jog. Maybe the locals are running circles around them. Loved your poem, too.


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