You Want A What?

For the most part, my Mom and I have never had a problem communicating. But, every once in awhile I sense a generation gap. I’m not sure how, she’s only 18 years older than I am, but it does come up sometimes.

Mom recently gave me her National Catalog for Summer 2019 and told me she wanted a “Duster”. I’m thinking of a cloth that is used for ‘dusting’. She’s thinking of a thin, cotton, bathrobe-type piece of clothing with snaps. It’s something women wear when they don’t want to wear much else or when they want to ‘lightly’ cover up. I have no idea how this is not a bathrobe, but it’s not. It’s found in an old lady catalog with other ladies’ ‘undergarments’, many of which look like they were made by ‘Omar the Tent Maker’. The truly disturbing part of all of this is that I started thinking some of the outfits were kind of cute. But, back to the Dusters…


I was intrigued by this piece of clothing and wondered where it came from and so I did some research.  I found out that a ‘Duster’ actually has a place in American Apparel history. Who knew?

Dusters were originally used to protect clothing in the early days of cars, evidently, cars were dirty back then. When cars cleaned up their act, ‘Dusters’ got an upgrade. They were brought indoors and worn as a smock-type thing by women when dusting. It protected their clothing, from what I don’t know. I doubt that anyone’s home could generate so much dust that you’d need to protect your clothing.

Speaking of dust, I have come to a realization. Unlike dirty dishes in the sink that, when not taken care of right away just make for a more difficult task; no matter how thick dust gets it is no harder to wipe away. Keep your family from getting fingerprints in it and you can hardly tell it’s there. As you’ve probably guessed, I don’t dust much. My Grandma Moon used to wear a pair of underpants on her head when she dusted. I’m guessing it was to protect her hair, which is kind of understandable, especially coming from Grandma Moon.

If not for the thought of those ugly microscopic dust mites, dusting would hardly be necessary and Dusters would be all but obsolete. But, like most things, its really not that big a deal.








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Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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