Last week I told you about my Room Without a View, which is my classroom where I teach on Tuesdays. This week I’m actually writing to you from my new “office,” my room for school preparations and corrections, my writing room, my very own, personal room with a view!

Our home has undergone a “few” transformations recently, not the least of these being my new office, but I’ll get to that later. Family that was with us has found a home of their own and Cliff and I have been working…hard…together. We now have three extra bedrooms in addition to my office. One will be worked on next year, one is for our out-of-town or out-of-country guests (hint, hint to our friends near and far); and the last one is for our 7 little curmudgeons for sleepovers.

We started with paint which we readily agreed upon and moved on to carpet, which we both liked. We have been cleaning out, throwing out, and organizing. But most importantly and most interestingly we have been agreeing on most everything. This is most fascinating, because my husband and I are two of the most opposite people you will ever meet. As I’ve mentioned somewhere else in one of my blogs , I am Italian, Irish, and little bit German…enough said. My husband is Chinese…also, enough said. We are an odd combination, but then opposites do attract and our children are quite beautiful if I do say so myself; which I obviously just did.

Next month we will celebrate 39 years of marriage. In all of that time, there are some things that we have not agreed on. For example, when we were getting married Cliff thought it would be nice if he and his groomsmen wore lime green tuxedos. (It was still the 70’s.) I did not agree, but I also did not want to hurt his feelings; after all it was his wedding, too. So I ‘suggested’ hunter green tuxedos. Fortunately, he liked the idea. You see we are both fairly laid back and have learned the art of compromise in a good way. We have also always worked very well together and lately I’ve come to realize why.


I’ve been waiting for an office for a few years now.  While my new office, pictured here, was being used by family, my “office” was a nice spot in front of the double windows in my dining room. I had a very nice “view” of our hibiscus bushes out those windows and an adorable little hummingbird visited me almost every day. I enjoyed that spot, though holidays were challenging as my “desk,” which actually was a small dining room table, morphed back into that for which it was made.

When the time came to create my new office, I had drawn a picture of the set up I wanted. I was excited, and when I get excited I want to get things done yesterday. I gathered all of my bookcases from around the house, placed all of my way-more-than-a-few-hundred books on them, and then we brought my desk/small dining room table upstairs to my new office.  It was too big. Okay, I can handle this. I hunted on Amazon and found a computer/writing desk. At 63″ it was longer than me, but I needed the space. I have lots of little chotchkes that I like to put on my desk. My sister thinks my desk is too cluttered, but I’ve read that cluttered desks are a sign of genius, placing me right up there with Einstein. After I ordered it on Prime, thinking it would be here in two days, I realized I had to wait a week for delivery. No small feat because, clearly, I am impatient. When it finally came, I dragged the box inside, ripped it open, and gazed in wonder first at the beauty of the cherry wood top and then at the gouge in it. Rats. We returned it.

Now, there are many reasons that I married my husband, not the least of these being the way he knows me and cares for me so well. So, it should be no surprise that he found a desk for me that we could pick up that day! Not quite longer than me at 60″ but, as my sister would say, three inches of less junk. As an added plus, it was also $30 less than the gouged one from Amazon!

We got it, dragged it up the steps, and began the assembly. It had 18 steps and an instruction booklet whose thickness rivaled the entire New Testament. I organized all of the pieces and the little bags of screws, while Cliff read the instructions. He thought it would be easy until he read the part about not using a drill. No problem, we had matching screwdrivers. For the next two and one half hours we screwed, I mean assembled, all of the parts until it took shape and became the beauty that is now my desk. I did this because it was something I wanted. Cliff did this because it was something he wanted for me. 

Next year we will be knocking out a wall and making the remaining bedroom a sitting room off of our bedroom. It will be for Cliff and his chotchkes (though he would never call them that). We’ll work on it together because that’s what life and marriage are all about. caring for one another, thinking of someone else above yourself, and enjoying the process because you’re together. And together is a very big deal…



About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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