Adventures With Chins

Though you may think I am referring to the multiple chins that may or may not reside on the bottom of my face, I am not. What I am referring to is the recent trip we made as the Chins, all of us together, my husband and I, our son and his wife, and their two boys, our grandsons…Chins, one and all! It was a magnificent trip that started with a bang…quite literally for some of us…

Recently, my Fairy Blog Mother, Bonnie, had a post from her vacation out West entitled, They Left A Light on For Us.¬†Explaining her one night in a hotel in which she had ‘reservations about their reservations.’ Get it? My Fairy Blog Mother is very funny. Well, at least they ‘left the light on’ for them. I guess everyone has had a similar experience. They usually happen when you’re just needing a place for one night. A quick, easy spot to sleep with no real expectations except that it be clean. You’re not really ‘staying’ there, you just need to ‘sleep’ there, and so the adventure begins.

When we landed in Salt Lake City at 9:30 at night, which was actually 11:30 for us; we were tired. The decision was made to ‘divide and conquer.’ The men would take the rental car shuttle and get our rental car, and the women would take the hotel shuttle and get the boys down for the night. The men left in their shuttle fairly quickly. The hotel shuttle was called and the four of us did as we were instructed standing outside Airport door number 6…waiting. After a few minutes we saw our shuttle, not bad! As we were gathering our bags we realized that our shuttle didn’t see us, not good! As we ran waving our arms, she slowed down and kept going…leaving us and our bags on the curb.

Well, we figured she would loop around and come back, at least that’s what the man at the hotel said she would do. Thirty minutes later, we were pretty sure that ‘loop’ must have included a Starbucks run, because our shuttle was nowhere to be found. Other shuttles had picked up passengers and ‘looped’ a number of times. But not ours…nope, ours was MIA. Finally, after forty-five minutes of waiting she showed up. She was smiling until we expressed our ‘disappointment’ and then she explained in a less than friendly voice that this was not her only job, she had passed us because she thought she had another pick up at door 10, (We could see door 10, she didn’t stop there either.) she had to bring her passengers back and then she had to check them in, and that’s just the way things go! In her defense, there was another terminal where she may or may not have picked up passengers, but there was also a Big Gulp soda sitting in her cup holder that hadn’t been gulped yet.

We arrived at the hotel at the same time as our men and checked in. It was a cute little hotel…with a pool…in the lobby.


Our son and his wife slept with the soothing sound of children jumping off the bed in the room above them. We had a lovely sunken tub with a shower. The fact that it was actually “IN” our room was irrelevant. It was there, odd, but functional.


I am pleased to tell you, the toilet had walls and a door to separate it from our room. So, that was good!

In the morning I woke early and couldn’t wait to see the view of the mountains! Our room had a nice little sitting area with a coffee maker. The coffee was bad, but I’m pretty sure it was still coffee. I waited for some daylight and pulled back the curtains to see….the big beautiful air handler sitting on the roof right outside our window…and so it began, the adventure of a lifetime…but the beginning was not that big a deal!




About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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