The Erma Adventure

In the year 2000, Albert Einstein was voted Time Magazine’s Person of the Century; the Yankees won the World Series; a gallon of gas cost $1.56; and the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop at the University of Dayton was born. I didn’t know this Workshop existed until 2016 when my, soon-to-be Fairy Blog Mother, Bonnie told me we should go to the next one in 2018.

And so, last week we went.


It was to be a weekend of firsts for me…my first time in Dayton, Ohio, my first time sharing a hotel room with someone who was not a member of my family, and my  first time attending a workshop for writers. It began in December with a frantic online registration, (the workshop sold out in a record 4 hours and 42 minutes); and before we knew it April 5th came and we were on our way to Dayton!

Throughout the planning stages I began to wonder. I wondered how it would be sharing a room with Bonnie. I wondered how we would feel after our first night together. I wondered if she would still respect me after realizing that she was sharing a room with a naked mole rat.

An explanation for the uninformed…

Naked mole rats are little subterranean moles that are blind, deaf, and have translucent skin. The only thing I am not is subterranean. Take off my glasses, remove my hearing aids, allow the skin to speak for itself, and there I am…a large, ground-level  equivalent of a naked mole rat. But, Bonnie was a gracious roommate, waking up with her hair in tact, a smile on her face, and full of concern for me.

Another explanation….

We had two short flights there, two short flights back, easy! We took off from Orlando, landed in North Carolina for a few minutes, then took off again for Dayton. We talked, we read, we were having a wonderful time! We were almost ready to land for the second time when I felt it, that somewhat-less-than-enjoyable sensation of feeling your stomach rising up as the plane is going down. I sat for a moment when we landed and decided I was okay. While walking through the airport I was sure of it, all was going to be well!

Then we got on the shuttle to the hotel and I knew…I knew like you know something’s ‘dead’ in your fridge because, its awful. I waited it out though, hoping it would pass. We found a little store in the hotel and I got a Pepsi thinking it would settle my stomach. We went to our room, got ourselves situated, I drank my Pepsi, and we waited. Bonnie watched me like I was a time bomb ready to explode. Evidently, she knew. It was almost time for dinner and nothing had happened so we got dressed and walked to the elevator. Maybe it was the walking that did it, but I sent Bonnie to dinner alone.

Interesting fact about soda, it comes up the same way it goes down, bubbly. When I’d tossed everything I’d eaten in the last month, I felt a little better and a lot thinner; one of the few perks. Though not quite ‘right’, I still felt well enough to attend all of our sessions and we had a sensational time. On Saturday, I started thinking about Sunday and our return two flights. It was not a pleasant thought.

I weighed all of my options for our return trip. I don’t do well with medications, and remembered taking Dramamine on one trip and Cliff essentially carrying me through the airport. I discussed this with Bonnie. She informed me that she has no upper body strength. Then Benadryl came to mind. I love how the Lord, in all of His great mercy, will pop things into our brains for us! Benadryl is one of the very few medications I can take that makes me tired, but doesn’t knock me out. I looked it up and, sure enough, it does help with motion sickness. Our new and dear friend, Jane, took me to Walmart on Saturday and I bought some. After a quick Facebook plea for prayer on Sunday morning, we were on our way.

We got to the airport. I took one Benadryl with my breakfast as a test. I waited an hour, decided I was still upright and functional, so I took the other. I survived and arrived unsullied and feeling fine. The prayers of the Facebook saints prevailed and I came home with new inspiration and a new favorite quote….



And so I will…because I think Erma would agree that it’s really not that big a deal!



About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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4 Responses to The Erma Adventure

  1. Tammy Horsfield says:

    Roxanne, you never fail to make me laugh or remind me to laugh when reading your blog posts.😂 I love getting each new email of your newest post! We all miss you dearly (Kenzie especially!). We should catch up sometime.
    Oh and … GO YANKEES!!! 😁

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  2. Sometimes I read your posts on my phone and it’s complicated for my limited abilities to comment. Today I read the post that let me click back to this post. I remember reading it, but alas, no comment was made. I need to fix that. Being at Erma with you was a highlight of 2018. I’m thankful for your friendship. I’m thankful that we did this conference together. I’m thankful I was at the dinner while you puked your guts out. So much to be thankful for!


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