The Lonely Recliner

Once upon a time, in a beautiful open upstairs room, there lived a little recliner. The little recliner was quite proud of itself for it was not just a regular recliner, it was a teal-colored, upgraded recliner with all of the bells and whistles. When you lifted its arm cushions you could find a magazine rack, cup holders, and various buttons to vibrate and massage. Yes, it was a beauty purchased by the husband who loved bells and whistles and the little recliner loved the husband…very much.

The husband put the recliner in the beautiful open upstairs room where it was attached to its fellow companions, a love seat, and a sleeper sofa. All was well in the little recliner’s life and the little recliner was happy.

Time passed and fewer and fewer humans came to visit the little recliner, loveseat, and sleeper sofa. Though the sleeper sofa was used occasionally for company, the love seat and recliner were often left alone; visited only by the two white dogs who would dig into them before they found a cozy spot to lie down, leaving them covered in dog hair, and, eventually, shredded from the digging.

One day the husband’s redheaded wife decided to make some changes.  She decided she wanted the beautiful open upstairs room all for herself. She decided to use the room for sewing. She convinced her husband that this would be a better use for the room and the sweet husband reluctantly agreed. The redheaded wife got to work right away. She separated the little recliner from its friends and one by one she pressed her back against them and slid them down the hall. When the love seat and sleeper sofa refused to fit through the doorway, she removed the door, and shoved them in against their will. When the little recliner gave her a hard time, she threatened to throw it out the window. The redheaded wife was, in a word, evil.

Time passed and though they were all in the same room, the little recliner, love seat, and sleeper sofa were no longer attached. The little recliner was often sad and felt lonely and  abandoned. Sitting day after day in a room for storage, they were visited by no one, not even the white dogs. With all that time alone the little recliner devised a plan to get back at the evil redheaded wife. And so, it waited for the perfect moment.

Soon the day arrived. The evil redheaded wife decided to begin cleaning out the storage room. She wasn’t moving the big furniture, but began picking up loose items from the floor. The little recliner realized it had some loose items behind it. This was its chance!

The unsuspecting, evil, redheaded wife looked behind the recliner and saw the loose items. Not being very bright, she stood on the seat of the little recliner and tried to reach over and behind its back, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was a ‘recliner’. The little recliner knew this was the opportunity it had been waiting for. As she reached down, it opened, pinning the unsuspecting, not very bright, evil redheaded wife behind the little recliner upside down!

She called for help, but no one was home. She wiggled and squirmed, but there was no way out. The little recliner had her securely in its clutches pinned upside down against the wall. But then the evil woman did something the little recliner did not expect. She laughed…hard…and then she prayed…out loud.

The little recliner felt bad for its decision to retaliate and slowly allowed the evil redheaded wife to release herself. Maybe she wasn’t so evil after all? Maybe there was some good in her?The sweet husband seemed to like her. Maybe the little recliner had misjudged her.

Once released the wife left the room closing the door  and life for the little recliner, loveseat, and sleeper sofa returned to, what they had come to know as, normal.

Then wife started coming in more and more, picking things up and taking things out, until all that was left in the room was the little recliner and her friends. One day, the wife brought a whole family into the storage room explaining how they could use the room. It was then that the little recliner realized that the redheaded wife really was evil, that she should have been left, pinned against the wall upside down regardless of her laughter and her prayers, but it was too late. The next day the little recliner and its friends were banished to a garage across the street and then, after a while, they were put out to the curb for a large item pick up, never to be heard from again. And so ended the life of the little recliner, the loveseat, and the sleeper sofa. And all the evil redheaded wife could say, was what she always says…it was really not that big a deal.



About Not That Big a Deal

Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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