The ‘Ecwipse’


This past Monday I woke up early and started making ‘viewers’ for the eclipse. I made four of them out of cereal boxes. I was so excited I posted about it on Facebook. My sweet daughter-in-law, wanting to protect me from disappointment, responded.

“So you know, the reflection you’re looking for is about 1/2 cm wide with a cereal box viewer.”

I explained to her that “bigger isn’t always better”. In her defense, she knows me well. She was telling me so I’d know how to aim correctly and wouldn’t be thinking I was going to see a much bigger diameter of the eclipse; which of course I was. But, we prepared anyway and we waited patiently. I set the timer on my stove, just in case, and then I warned the three of our grandchildren that live with us, about not looking directly at the eclipse. They understood without question. All except Gavin.


This is Gavin. 

Gavin is 6. He has concerns…obviously.

“Nana, I have a problem. I want to go upstairs.”

“Well, go upstairs, Gav. What’s your problem?”

“What about when I go upstairs and I’m higher and I might see the sun.”

“I think you’ll be okay, Gav.”

A thoughtful silence. “What about Jack-Jack (the cat)? What if he looks at the ‘ecwipse’? He might die.”

I have to admit, this one had me stumped, not that the cat might die, but just that he might look. I looked it up. Animals don’t look directly at the sun. Who knew? I assured him Jack-Jack would be safe.

We were mildly disappointed with our view from the driveway and through the cereal box. Unfortunately, Florida only saw about 88% of the eclipse still, it was an awe-inspiring day. The scenes of totality on television were amazing and left those there and us here, speechless.

Some may attribute this to the Big Bang and randomness, but how can something so perfect, so aligned be so accidental? If I were to hand someone a Rolex watch and say, “This just happened over space and time.” Nobody would believe me. It had to be created by someone.

Creation needs a Creator.

I saw a post on Facebook that said it best…

In one swoop God caused the nation to come together to watch Him at work.”

The picture of Gavin was created by my daughter, Rachel. The beautiful picture of the eclipse was created by photographer Jasman Mander. I think they’re both a pretty big deal.







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Roxanne has a gift for writing and making people laugh. She enjoys sharing both with as many as she can.
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