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Well, it is with a fair amount of fear and trepidation that I’d like to make an announcement.
Before your mind starts to wander too far, I am not pregnant. That would cause mind-boggling fear and trepidation, and would, in fact, be a miracle.
This is “Not That Big a Deal” which is also the name of my new blog. Yes, friends I have “bitten the bullet, jumped in with both feet, leaped into the breach” and it scares the crumbs out of me. But, I enjoy making people smile and laugh and forget, even if just for a little while, their troubles. I think it’s something we all need now and then. I really do believe that “a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” So, here I go…
My blog link will be posted on facebook and twitter tomorrow and, hopefully, every Friday after that. I hope it does its job. I hope it makes you smile. 


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Medicare…He’s Almost There!

My husband is turning 65 in January. He has recently begun his search for the best supplemental health insurance to go with his long-awaited Medicare. He is very excited about Medicare, not so much about the supplemental insurance mostly because of the doctors. You see, they are all…dare I say it…women. Oh, the horror!

“I may just have to go to a female doctor.” Uncomfortable words spoken by my husband.

My less than sympathetic response, “What’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t want a woman touching my ‘privates’.” (Not exactly the word he used, but much more blog-writing friendly.)

The conversation continued and you probably know where this is going.

“You do realize that I go to a male doctor…for EVERYTHING. ‘Privates’ included.”

He did smile at this, but somehow gave me the impression that his situation was ‘different’. Since men and women are wired very differently, I get this. And so, his ‘search’ continues.  Each morning at breakfast, I get an update. He’s good that way.

He also gives me a somewhat begrudging update on my medical insurance status. Begrudging because I just turned 59 and will not be eligible for Medicare for another 6 years. Quite a hefty output of income for something I barely use. But, we Americans are plagued by the “what ifs” and so, we pay for peace of mind.

All of this got me wondering about how Medicare began. I like to know the history of things. I assumed it came in with one of my very favorite Presidents, FDR, but it didn’t. It was actually signed into law on July 30, 1965 by another 3 initial POTUS, LBJ. AND, the very first person to receive Medicare was, drum roll please, former President Harry S. Truman.

Personally, I have become somewhat familiar with the ins and outs of Medicare through my parents and their many and varied “ologist” appointments. It’s an interesting program to say the least. There are the alphabetic Parts, that most people are familiar with; but, there are also new legislations and referrals and donut holes. Still, overall, it seems to work and for all that may not be right with it, I am grateful for it still and look forward to the day when it will be my turn. But, until then, our income will be output for our continued peace of mind because it’s really not that big a deal!






















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That’s A Bad Word!

What is a “bad word”?

When kids are little, this is a question they want answered.  On a recent “junking” (think flea market meets not-so-famous, but still American pickers) trip with my daughter-in-‘love’, (because that’s what she is) we talked about this. She shared that her boys had asked and being a down-to-earth, somewhat forthright woman, who had been asked in the morning when her mind was not quite lucid; she told them. She was rattling them off one-by-one at the breakfast table and just about to get to the really juicy ones when our son came into the room and asked what was happening. When she explained, he told her they should probably discuss this and find a different way to ‘share’ before she continued. Personally, I thought her way was very entertaining!


When our own children were young, we came across this question. Cliff was at work and not available for a quick consultation and so, I gave the answer that first popped into my mind. “If you don’t hear Mommy and Daddy say it, it’s a bad word.”

Now, from Daddy’s mouth this was and is true. I’ve only heard him “swear” less than a few times and always as a joke to make me laugh. “Mommy,” however, was a different story. You see, “Mommy’s” very favorite word was ‘c–p’ and she used it often. I didn’t consider this word bad when I considered all the things I could say.  I did try to whisper it when the kids were present, which I thought was very commendable of me.  But, soon enough they realized that Mommy’s ‘favorite word’ was also classified as a ‘bad word’. And, when they heard me, they called me out on it. On the sage advice of my husband, I changed my favorite word to ‘crumbs’ and on occasion ‘crud’. I was pretty sure there was nothing  wrong with either of those. It was a fairly easy transition, but things were about to get complicated.

One night when Eric, our oldest and very thoughtful child, was about six, my sister and her husband were babysitting for us. It began with a documentary about animals. Who knew that a documentary would be our undoing? Who knew that a word like that would be used? Who knew that Mommy and Daddy had never said this word in the hearing of their son? Who knew? Eric knew.

He heard it and immediately informed the adults in the room, who should have already been aware, “That’s a bad word!”

“What’s a bad word?”

“That word.” He didn’t want to say it.

“What word?”

Due to his aunt and uncle being ‘uninformed’ he was forced to tell them.

“Breast. That’s a bad word.”

“Why is that a bad word, Eric?”

“I never heard my Mommy and Daddy say it.”

He was right. Mommy and Daddy were much more refined. They used the word “boobs” instead.

We came home to our children snugly tucked in their beds and my sister and her husband sharing with amusement what had happened that night. Needless to say, Eric woke up with questions the following morning. I am pleased to say, he did finally hear his Mommy and Daddy say the word, “breast”.

Because it’s really not that big a deal.






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The Ethnicity of Your Roaches

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about the infestation of my coffee pot and its sad demise. That was way back in August of 2017, over a year ago. Today, I am sad to announce that we have not fully extricated the German roaches. Apparently, they really are a strong, stubborn group. In fact, a ‘group’ of them is referred to as an ‘intrusion’. Could there be a more fitting description?

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Size Matters

Since my blog last week I’ve been thinking about clothing and sizes and I have been pondering a few things. I’d like to take a moment to talk about size…

I was a little girl. I know that’s true for about half of the population, but I mean it in the truest sense of the word. I was “little”. Think age 11, size 6 little girls clothing, in 6th grade, little. In my 7th grade sewing class, I was the only girl not using a Junior size pattern. My pattern was a Girl’s size 7. I was just grateful it wasn’t a size 6! I’ve changed a bit since then. I think sizes have, too.

And so I begin by asking a crucial question…

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What’s In Your Closet?

I am not a “fashionista”.

Give me comfy shoes, a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt and I’m a happy woman. If I’m home I prefer a pair of loose-fitting yoga capris and a tee shirt or my jammies. I do enjoy variety. There are reasons for my limited and minimally varied tastes, not the least of these being that the fashion world has, for the most part, shunned the shorter variety of women. But then, you have to have some empathy for a world that is as limited as a carousel ride and keeps reinventing certain fashions that were better left dead. A few come to mind, though the first one was kind of fun and not that bad…

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Oh, The Humanity…

What I’m about to say is not politically correct but then, most times, neither am I. Being ‘politically correct’ is not my moral compass. I also understand that this might cause some controversy. Again, I am not usually one to be controversial…


We spanked our kids. There I said it. Actually, it was mostly me because my husband worked and we both felt, especially when they were little, that the punishment should be immediate so they knew what they were being punished for. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was frustrating, other times it was hysterical.

Most times discipline was administered with a ‘spanking spoon’. Not one I used for cooking, I didn’t want them to cringe every time I stirred my spaghetti sauce; but a wooden one that was in a place that I had to walk to. Discipline was never given when we were angry, so walking to the spoon was a chance to cool down. If I couldn’t cool down I sent the offending child to their room until I could.

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Where is Your Eternity?

Eternity. All of us will experience it in some form, and most of us are totally oblivious to its existence. We live our lives like this is all there is. But, is it?

I believe that within all of us there is an innate need to believe in something. There is a hole, an emptiness that we are all trying to fill. Randy Alcorn, on the back cover of his book, “In Light of Eternity,” states, “The deepest longing of your heart is for one person and one place. Jesus is that person. Heaven is that place.”

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