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Well, it is with a fair amount of fear and trepidation that I’d like to make an announcement.
Before your mind starts to wander too far, I am not pregnant. That would cause mind-boggling fear and trepidation, and would, in fact, be a miracle.
This is “Not That Big a Deal” which is also the name of my new blog. Yes, friends I have “bitten the bullet, jumped in with both feet, leaped into the breach” and it scares the crumbs out of me. But, I enjoy making people smile and laugh and forget, even if just for a little while, their troubles. I think it’s something we all need now and then. I really do believe that “a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” So, here I go…
My blog link will be posted on facebook and twitter tomorrow and, hopefully, every Friday after that. I hope it does its job. I hope it makes you smile. 


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“If You Can’t Make it Better…

Last week began as most weeks this summer, with visits to the “Ologists” for one or both of my parents. Normally, appointments are not that much of an issue, but this summer has been more than a little bit eventful and this week has been the topper. It went like this…

Monday and Tuesday there were appointments for Mom. Wednesday was an appointment for Dad. Wednesday Dad went to ICU. Thursday Mom went to ICU. Same hospital. One room apart. They’ve been married for 60 years. They like to do things together; though, as a friend of mine said, this was a bit over the top.

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“Don’t Widen the Plate”

I hate to hit you all with the “When I was a kid” line, but I’m going to…

When I was a kid, you didn’t get awards at school unless you earned them. We learned that hard work and diligence paid off.

When I was a kid, if your team lost at an athletic event, you didn’t get a trophy. It was hard sometimes to not win, but it taught us that that’s the way life is sometimes and we learned to deal with disappointment.

In the past two years we’ve sat through our grandson’s graduation from one grade to the next. The ceremonies were very nice, but I noticed that every single child got an award. It was nice, but it made me wonder…What are we teaching our children?

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“To Know Them and Not Forget Them”

Many of you are waking this morning with the ringing of freedom in your ears. Or, maybe your ears are ringing from all of those fireworks you saw last night. Either, would be appropriate because yesterday we, as a people, celebrated the 234th birthday of our United States!

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Alien Encounter

Each morning I like to check our pool to see if any small creatures have accidentally and unknowingly taken a dip. I am glad to say I have saved many small, and not so small, innocents. Everything from dragonflies and butterflies, to frogs and snakes. Continue reading

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I know it’s almost summer, but spring must still be in the air. Lately on our morning walks, we see at least 6 little baby squirrels sitting having their breakfast in one little spot. They wait until Phoebe is almost on top of them before they scatter. I’m not sure if they aren’t very bright or if they’re taunting her. Probably both. Either way, this is the highlight of Phoebe’s walk. Squirrels and her feeble attempt at chasing them when she’s connected to a harness and a leash.

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It’s 4:15…

It is 4:15 on Wednesday morning and I have already had lions, tigers, and a cougar in my house, found a new pitch to my voice, created a new dance move, oh, and I chased a tree frog. It’s been an eventful morning so far, not to be out done by a fairly interesting week.

Our week began with us finishing up the painting of our bedroom, if you remember we painted almost the entire inside of our house a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to painting again for quite some time. My ‘painting clothes,’ including my painting underwear, are currently at a level of stiffness that allows them to stand at attention in a corner of my closet even after they’ve been washed.

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You Want A What?

For the most part, my Mom and I have never had a problem communicating. But, every once in awhile I sense a generation gap. I’m not sure how, she’s only 18 years older than I am, but it does come up sometimes.

Mom recently gave me her National Catalog for Summer 2019 and told me she wanted a “Duster”. I’m thinking of a cloth that is used for ‘dusting’. She’s thinking of a thin, cotton, bathrobe-type piece of clothing with snaps. It’s something women wear when they don’t want to wear much else or when they want to ‘lightly’ cover up. I have no idea how this is not a bathrobe, but it’s not. It’s found in an old lady catalog with other ladies’ ‘undergarments’, many of which look like they were made by ‘Omar the Tent Maker’. The truly disturbing part of all of this is that I started thinking some of the outfits were kind of cute. But, back to the Dusters…

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